Catbug eBook: If I Had Some Hoverpants


Catbug, from the YouTube series sensation, Bravest Warriors, is stepping out on his own and has inked an ebook deal with Frederator Books. Authored by Bravest Warriors‘ writer Jason Johnson, and illustrated by Alyssa Smith, the 11-ebook series follows this lovable, well-intentioned half-cat half-bug on ALL NEW inter-dimensional antics.  He makes friends whilst wreaking a wee-bit of havoc wherever he goes. Bravest Warriors followers, numbering in the millions and diehard Catbug fans,will delight in this wacky ebook spinoff from their favorite series, while those newly introduced to Catbug will surely find it hard to resist his spunk, lively imagination and yen for other-worldly adventures….”

Catbug is voiced, in both show and ebooks, by 6 year old Sam Lavagnino.

Become a Catbug family!  Tuck your child in with his Catbug plush, Catbug blanket and Catbug ebook.  It’s our idea of familial bliss!  What’s great about this series is that Catbug is whimsical and kid-friendly, but with unexpected humor and irreverence that parents with appreciate.

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