Catbug eBook: Catbug Says


If you thought Simon Says was fun, wait until you play Catbug Says! Even King Congletard tries the kooky Catbug game. Find out what over 4 million people who watched the Catbug episode of Bravest Warriors are talking about. Bravest Warriors writer, Jason Johnson, wrote all new lines, while illustrator Angel An gave Catbug a dreamy makeover. Catbug is voiced by beloved Bravest Warriors voice actor, Sam Lavagnino. We can’t stop playing Catbug Says, so let’s go dress up as a barracuda. Everyone loves Catbug!

Each of the 10 books in the series will feature hilarious one liners that you can’t stop quoting.  With a fresh art style for every book, you’ll want to collect them all!


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