What’s a Catbug Book?

I’m Catbug!  The YouTube hit, Bravest Warriors, created by Adventure Time’s Pendleton Ward, features a host of silly and lovable characters.  Catbug, half cat and half ladybug, is by far the cutest!  Frederator Books brings you a new way to get your daily inter-dimensional cuteness and even introduce Catbug to your kids! The debut book features Catbug’s greatest hits, followed by a 10 ebook series featuring ORIGINAL lines read by Catbug voice, Sam Lavagnino.  This ebook series will give you monthly bite-sized stories, so you’ll never be without fresh and unique content.  Frederator loves you! When in doubt, “Throw a blanket over it!”

 My Name is Catbug, What’s Yours? is the 1st book in the series.  On sale NOW!


Catbug: If I Had Some Hoverpants is on sale NOW!

book1coverARTLetters from Catbug is on sale NOW!


Everything is Okay is on sale NOW!


Ice Cream Man is on sale NOW

Ice Cream Cover

 Catbug Says is on sale NOW!


 Catbug: When the Wankiverse Gives You… is on sale NOW!


 Catbug: Space Chicken is on sale NOW!


 Catbug: If I Were is on sale NOW!


Catbug: Dreams and Things is on sale NOW!


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